It may have happened to you: there are the smart, good-looking, brilliant guys and girls who get all the glory and recognition that you (think to) deserve. And you work hard for nothing. Who are they? How do they do it? Are you doing it wrong?

Who can neglect the ubiquitous stream of attention in our world today? It appears impossible to be who you are - even less to be happy with it. But who are you?

The world wants stars. Warhol knew it and he warned you about it. Be a star and die. Eternity is futile. Do you want to play the game?

As a professional, caring about the history, sincerity and originality of your trade, you want to be taken seriously. How nice, but who cares?

The all-knowing and self-confident audience knows better. They care about the stars: the actors, directors, soloists, painters, masters, conductors, super models, real estate magnats, warriors and dictators or whatever. They take care of entertaining us in a world of contradiction and confusion. Shouldn't we be happy?

This is the age of the clowns. The time where appearance is more important than meaning. Is this new? Hardly. Like everything else, it is only going faster. The clowns rule the world without realising how useless (ruthless) and dependent they are. And still, the clowns are the ones who make us become a star, too. For a moment. To be remembered for eternity. No stars without clowns. No clowns without stars. Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame and laugh at the clowns and yourself :-)

There is hope. Just have a laugh! All you need is LOVE! LOVE is all you need! :-)