A street photography event took place at Museon that features the work of a couple of urban photographers from Shanghai and Den Haag. The pictures were taken during a couple of weeks in collaboration between photographers from both cities. We inspired each other and reacted on the pictures we received with pictures from our own place.

The project was initiated by the Urban Photo Collective and Five Spices. The first part of the event already took place on September 10 in Shanghai.

I was particularly interested in participating in this project after my visit to China last year. Shanghai was one of my favourite places and impressed me a lot.

My counterpart in Shanghai was Sue Anne Tay. She publishes her street photography on her blog Shanghai Street Stories and in spontaneous street exhibitions. Fortunately, her English is very good, as my attempts to learn Chinese failed miserably ;-) I'm very curious to see what the other photographers did together with their counterparts.

Don't miss the event!

And here are the pictures of my contribution to the Shanghai/The Hague project.

The event was quite nice. There was a a speech of the director of the Museon museum, which was interesting, but not so much focused on photography. In fact, that was the feeling that I got from the whole event: our photography was not in the centre of attention and, actually, hardly anybody saw our pictures, because the presentation was downstairs in the auditorium after the speeches when most people went upstairs to have a drink and enjoy the sun. Anyway, there was my movie with the soundtrack of Mysterious Traveller by Weather Report. Below are the pictures in the same sequence as in the movie. Enjoy and let me know whether you like it ;-)