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Amateur of light and colours. Passionate creator of pictures.

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The Sale can Begin!

Well, this took a while! Years ago, when setting up my website, I had envisioned to develop a gallery and to eventually add payment and printing options for a web shop. Like the rest of the website it would be developed in Django. However, time was never found to actually do that. Recently, I decided to take my pho...


A year ago, I passed the ballot for a year of mentorship of the fotobond. The fotobond is the Dutch organisation to which all amateur photography clubs belong nation-wide. I chose to become a member of the fotobond itself, rather than a local club, because I wanted to improve my photography on the highest possible l...


At the moment, Anton Corbijn's work is presented in a double exhibition at the Gemeentemuseum and fotomuseum in The Hague. What struck me most when watching the pictures was Corbjin's use of focus. Often, he uses a shallow depth of field and the focus is not always where one would expect it. Traditionally...