The Sale can Begin!

Well, this took a while! Years ago, when setting up my website, I had envisioned to develop a gallery and to eventually add payment and printing options for a web shop. Like the rest of the website it would be developed in Django. However, time was never found to actually do that.

Recently, I decided to take my photography more serious, both in terms of content and effort, as well as in a commercial sense. Becoming more self-confident about my art, I realised that I could try to look into the business of selling pictures.

That's when I found Picfair. In fact, I saw more and more targeted ads on the usual social media channels. After reading a positive article on PetaPixel I decided to give it a try and liked it quite a bit.

Picfair offers the creation and customisation of a gallery with albums (each with max. 100 pictures). With the paid account for Picfair Plus there are more options for configuration, such as a custom domain name and custom watermarks (including none). They take care of payment, licensing and printing. So, you can easily select your preferred pictures and order them in frames that you like to put them on your wall!

My previous experience with selling pictures was not overwhelmingly positive. Once in a while, I sell a picture via EyeEm, but it's rarely for more than a few cents. Picfair promises to pay out more, but we'll have to wait for the first sale to see how it goes. However, it is unclear how to price the pictures. What is a good price point that is neither too high nor too low? Stay tuned and maybe order some pictures!đŸ™‚

So, without further ado, move over to the SHOP and enjoy!